Cleaning the mattress?

The Lifenest is protected by a waterproof cover, and the mesh is made out of polyester. That means it can be cleaned with usual household cleaners: from anitbacterial wipes, to bleach or an organic detergent.

Keep in mind that Lifenest is still a mattress, so do not try to wash it in a washing machine or bathtub.

How do I clean the sheets or the bumpers?

They're both made out of polyester, and are machine washable/dryer ready. Wash in warm water and dry on a low setting.

Is lifenest is right for my baby?

The Full Size mattress is meant to be used until your baby transitions into a regular bed.

The full size mattress (SPM006) is 130 x 68 x 12 cm and fits in most standard cots. It does not require any other mattress, just a cot! Generally a baby will be able to enjoy it for up to 3 years, or up to 22kg . Use this without the insert for children from birth to 12 months old or 13kg.  With the insert once your child turns 12 months old and/or 13kg

The Full Size lifenestcomes with an insert. What is it for?

As babies become more active in the crib, their brilliant minds find new ways to explore their world. As such, they may turn the hammock design into a fun trampoline. To avoid this issue, we provide a foam insert that fills the space under the hammock and turns the Lifenest into a more conventional mattress.

Use this without the insert for children from birth to 12 months old or 13kg.  With the insert once your child turns 12 months old and/or 13kg.

What is the lifenest mattress made out of?

The hammock is made out of polyester, and the frame is of a high density foam (polyurethane) to provide the structural integrity needed to support your child. While both may not sound like the most natural options out there, they actually allow us NOT to use fire retardants (and still comply with the most stringent regulations), but also minimize Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions.

Are the lifenestsheets necessary?

Yes! Because you're placing your baby on a very comfortable and soft surface, breathability is crucial, especially if he or she rolls over. The Lifenestsheets are not only extremely soft, they are also 100% breathable and hypoallergenic, and they perfectly fit your mattress.


How does lifenest help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly)?

Plagiocephaly is caused by peaks of pressure applied to soft spots on the baby's skull. Torticollis and other conditions can interfere with the baby's ability to move, forcing the head to stay in one position all night. This worsens the risks of Flat Head.

The hammock cradles the body and head of the baby. This increases the contact surface area between baby and the mattress, which reduces the pressure applied to its fragile body. Lifenestis the best low pressure mattress on the market.

Could sleeping on a curved surface affect my baby’s spine?

Lifenest™ doesn't affect the spinal curvature, the same way the curve in the womb doesn't have any damaging effect. The opposite is also true; a flat bed doesn't cause the spine to lose its curvature.