Doctor Designed, Parent Approved

LifeNest™ Cot Mattress. For a safer nights sleep.

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Prevent and treat deformational Plagiocephaly

A simple solution for a safer sleep

Helps reduce Pressure

The hammock cradles baby's body and redistributes the pressure away from the soft spots, that is why Lifenest is used in hospitals around the world to keep preemies (and infants) from getting pressure ulcers.

No fire retardants

Fire retardants are toxic and have been linked to SIDS in countries including Australia.

Why surround your baby with these chemicals when you don't have to?

Listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) as a Class 1 Medical Device


The netting is supported by venting channels so baby is placed in an environment where a natural airflow is permitted.

A Safer Night's Sleep

LifeNest™ improves airflow and breathability, reducing the need for re-positioning techniques

We purchased the Lifenest cot mattress because our son had plagiocephaly. We were hoping that the mattress would assist in not making our sons condition any worse. We were amazed to find his flat spot actually improved, reducing this by 5mm. We believe that this mattress combined with seeing Dr Amy Kivell & Dr Reena Murray who are paediatric osteopaths improved his condition. 

Both of our children were born with large heads, and both struggled with flat spots. The netting design of this mattress does not put the usual pressure on the head caused by a standard mattress. If this mattress was available from birth for both children I would not have hesitated purchasing instead of a standard cot mattress, we were lucky that it became available shortly after our 2nd child arrived. 

SIDS recommends sleeping your child on their back but this intern often leads to flat head, if you are a new parent don’t think twice about purchasing this mattress to prevent flat head syndrome. 

Tiffany & Stefan Stivala, Sydney